Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baghdad Reality

We did a quick piece today of the neighborhood soccer matches. Families come out on Thursday nights and watch the kids run back and forth for hours on the dusty pitch.

The other night we went around visiting the neighbors that surround our villa. I've done this before and have nicked named it the 'Tour de Tea' as every house that we stop at serves scalding hot tea in tiny shot glasses. Somehow the Iraqis can drink the tea without burning their fingers, and take great amusement in watching westerners try to do the same. I believe that it's a sort of cultural conspiracy and their tea isn't nearly as hot as ours'.

During the visits we heard some interesting stories such as the school teacher that was beat up by her students for banning smoking in school. The students claimed that under a 'democracy ' they had the right to do whatever they pleased, which apparently included assaulting their teacher.

One of the neighbors informed us of two neighborhood children that were run over by speeding SUVs belonging to an Iraqi PSD. Words can't describe my absolute abhorrence for the PSDs that thoughtlessly scream around, loaded with guns, testosterone and arrogance.

I saw a puppy on the side of the road today that had been killed by a passing vehicle. Its mother laid next to the body licking her puppy's face trying to keep the flies off it. From the looks of it, both had been there for quite some time.

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