Monday, September 8, 2008

Expiration Dates

Colored cloth hangs in a marketplace

One of life's lessons that has taken me 44+ years to learn is to stay on top of expirations dates. Things like insurance where the company reminds you fifteen times that your policy is about to lapse, those are easy. It's certifications and licenses that cause me the greatest heartburn as no one really cares if you let it lapse so no one reminds you of the coming deadline.

Through my own neglect I've let all of my medical certifications lapse, not bothering to keep track of "re-certs", or CEUs. Now I have to start all over again, and what a painfully long road this is going to be. In the coming weeks and months I will begin with basic First Responder CPR and work all the way up through Paramedic and beyond. Needless to say this blog will take on a decidedly medical bent in the future :)

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Anonymous said...

Bummer, hate it when that happens!
Cathy B