Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What A Great Job

I've been away for a bit, taking an Emergency Medicine course in Indiana. At one point I found myself doing an ambulance ride along one night with an EMT and a Paramedic. We got called to the home of a woman who had suffered some sort of cerebral event and had fallen down a small flight of stairs and now could not move. Her 20-something year old daughter called 911, and we soon arrived with flashing lights, boxes of medications, monitors, oxygen tanks, and an assortment of other cool gadgets.

I took a moment and looked into the daughter's eyes and recognized absolute terror as her mother lay helpless on the floor. The young girl was panicked, wanting to do anything and everything to help her stricken mother, but was unable to do anything. Once the paramedic began his care I watched the weight of the world lift from the frightened daughter. She was still visibly nervous but finally help had arrived and a wave of relief swept over her face.

In 24 hours the paramedic and the EMT won't even remember the call to this woman's home, it being subsumed by dozens of other recent and similar calls. The daughter, on the other hand, will never forget it for as long as she lives. It's amazing to have that affect on the lives of random people. What a great job.


Damon Atkinson said...

Eric, you say "It's amazing to have that affect on the lives of random people", but what is equally amazing is that someone actually recognizes and acknowledges that affect.
Zen master Seung Sang used to talk about doing our jobs, chores, activities always with beginners mind - always with that mindset that you are doing it for the first time, always remember the wonder and the importance of what you are doing to those you are affecting.

Anonymous said...

This is why I keep reading this blog. I love that you see and make others see it with you. How have you been?

Anonymous said...

It is a great job. And my experiences with it have really changed me. I believe for the better.

Anonymous said...

Most insightful. Enjoyed the post and responses. I agree with you, Hope. As a nurse with 20+ years in the field, Tomorrow I'll start my workday with a first time mindset. Perhaps this counts as an affect on the life of a random person??

Cathy B

Anonymous said...

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