Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Can Smell A Battlefield

Serenity next to the river.

I spent the weekend in Knoxville visiting my family. On the way back to Bloomington I decided to stop off at Louisville and take a look at the venue to the Ironman Louisville triathlon coming up in August of this year. Ironman Louisville will be my biggest race this year, and I wanted to "walk the ground" as it were. Strolling along the river-side swim exit I was reminded of George C Scott's line in the movie Patton, "I can smell a battlefield". I tried to envision the endless rows of bikes lined up on the shore; tens of thousands of spectators, volunteers, and athletes; lights; blaring music; the finishing line; the spectacle that is Ironman. I'm sure that on race day I won't even recognize the serene environment that I strolled through today.

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