Friday, May 1, 2009

Attachment To Carbon Fiber

This is a tough one; attachment. In short, the Buddha said that all human suffering results from attachments; not just attachment to things, but also to ideas, points of view, concepts, etc... I'm attached to my bike, which has actually been a good thing as my new hunk of aerodynamic-molded carbon fiber has allowed me to examine my attachments more closely.

The thought of crashing, theft, flipping off the top of the car while driving down the highway have all resulted in excessive worry. The amount of money that I spent equals guilt, and the recognition of my attachment has spawned embarrassment. All of these things are forms of human suffering.

All of this is not to say that Buddhists shouldn't have nice bikes, but rather care and contemplation should be given to the attachments that they may form. This is my current struggle.

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Eric A. Gravel said...

Nice bike! It's a bit like me and Airsoft.

Btw, I notice the rain chain. It was great to finally see it after reading about it many months (years) ago.