Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't Do It!

A helmet rests on a the handlebars of a San Francisco police motorcycle. Note that the officer secured the helmet with his handcuffs.

There has been a rash of break-ins in our neighborhood lately. People are forcing their way into homes in the late evenings and quickly taking what they can get their hands on. Fortunately no one has been home during these unfortunate events.

I'm disturbed by what I may have to do should we fall victim to a home invasion like this. I've decided that I would let them take whatever they want, but I will not risk for a moment my family's health and safety over the event. Certainly there must be a better way to make a living as a criminal than entering a dark house with an unknown floor plan, and possibly finding an armed, well-trained home owner inside. I can't imagine such a stupid undertaking.


Anonymous said...

1. Stupid is the key word.
2. Most of those people live in the moment.
3. Foresight, insight and empathy are not qualities this group demonstrates.
4. Agree your possessions are not worth a life, but....
5. Thanks for your blog. Please keep writing.

lorraine said...

Hi Eric - I resumed my reading at the post after back to school and through the Ironman. I have always wondered why the swim isn't the last event? It would seem a real treat to get in cool water after the run. I know it isn't as exciting as a road finish for the spectators. Congrats on finishing. That really is winning. I loved running and always placing in my age group. Not many old broads out there - but arthritis is really arthwrongis and I can no longer stand the pain. Take good care of yourself - and especially for those of us who are not "tweets", thank you for blogging. lorraine

MolaviisFromm said...

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