Monday, February 15, 2010

The Difference A Wall Makes

I'm sitting in the hotel restaurant having just woken up, taken a hot shower, eaten a full breakfast and now seated down in the cafe with a wireless connection and my third cup of warm coffee. Barely 100 yards away, on the other side of the hotel's wall is a massive tent city where there are thousands of inhabitants, living like insects, constructing homes with whatever they can find, washing once a week out of a bucket of muddy water along side the road. At night there are no lights, only dimly flickering candles that cast shadows of sleeping children within the "tents", most laying on torn-up cardboard boxes, covered with a sheet to keep the mosquitoes away.

I stood at the media live-shot position last night that uses the tent city as a back-drop, and could help but be struck at the vast differences in existence; in essence, the difference a wall makes.

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Eman said...

I have been traking your journey and posts Eric ! and i really appreciate what you do ! and could not pass by this post without leving a comment as i work with UASID projects in Jordan and have seen perfect shots like this one , but had no camera in hand , but had one in my heart !

for those who are in need, even big paper box like this one do make a difference!

Stay Blessed ,