Saturday, February 4, 2012


Soon I will start doing some patient care as a paramedic again.  Its been several months since I've practiced, and I've truly missed the experience of caring for patients.  Medicine, for many years, has been a large part of my life and I'm very excited to be practicing once again.

As a Zen Buddhist I try to seek ways to better the world that we live in.  Some are drawn to activism as a tool, attempting to bring change on a larger scale such as the Occupy Movement.  Others, like myself, look to service as a skillful means of helping humanity, working "eyebrow-to-eyebrow" with one person at a time; attempting to make a difference in that person's life or even death.  

I believe that there are few greater places on earth to practice compassion than an inner-city emergency room.  The opportunities are boundless to check your 'ego at the door' and truly help those that believe that they're in need.  

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
I work as a social worker in an inpatient oncology floor and a Nicu. It is an honor to be present with someone during a vulnerable time in their life and I hope my presence and compassion can make this time for them more manageable. Thanks for your blog, I enjoy reading it.