Monday, April 23, 2007

Private Security in Baghdad

One of the most common sights on the streets of Baghdad is the private security companies. These are normally western firms that are contracted to provide security to the reconstruction effort; often guarding fixed sites or more commonly providing protection for people and things as they move along the Iraqi roadways.

Some firms adopt a “high profile” approach to security; utilizing heavily armored vehicles outfitted with enough weaponry and technology to impress even the US military. They move massively and quickly along the highways counting on brut force and overwhelming firepower to protect their clients. Machine guns swivel and lock onto any suspected person or vehicle, and signs posted in the rear warning other vehicles to stay well-back or risk “authorized deadly force”.

Other security companies utilize the “low profile” approach to security; non-descript cars blending into the normal daily traffic flow in Iraq. They hide among the masses using deception and finesse to safeguard their client’s movements. Inside the cars are covert radio kits, hidden weapons, and medical bags. Windows are slightly tinted as to make it hard for the passerby to peer in, but not so dark that they stand out. They dissolve into traffic and are gone before anyone cans suspect who or what they are.

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