Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Long And Winding Road

“Heiwa” – Peace and Tranquility

The last two days have been brutal. We’ve been out of the villa running around the city doing the Bureau’s bidding while the temperatures have been well up over 115 degrees. Thirty-five pounds of body armor and a like amount of weapons and gear are stuffed into a car on which the air conditioning your life depends. After several hours of this you’re pretty well beat up and ready for a cold shower and a big, fluffy chair.

Iraq, or at least Baghdad, seems to be a bit calmer. The police still run everywhere with full lights and sirens, and the PSDs still think that they own the road, especially the wrong side of it. Nonetheless, the people are moving around going about their normal lives; kids walk to and from school, soccer games in the dirt lot in the evening, shop owners sell goods on the streets. It’s getting there.

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