Sunday, January 11, 2009

College Again

Bike porn: My new Cervelo P2 set up in my room in Bloomington. It'll be trainer rides for a while. It's snowing out here today.

I just arrived in Bloomington, Indiana for a paramedic course that I need to take. Bloomington is a college town, home of the University of Indiana, and I'm staying at a large apartment building that houses hundreds of college students. I ended up getting a sub-let off a kid that was going abroad for the semester and needed to get out from under his lease. Subsequently I'm sharing a suite with three students. I can't tell you what an educational experience THIS is going to be.

Last night one of the 20-something students told me that he was going to travel Europe after he graduated so that he could enjoy the experience "before he got too old". "You're kidding me, right?"

The medic course is going to take up the vast, vast majority of my time, demanding 14-16 hours every day. Added on to that are twice daily triathlon workouts amounting to 14 hours a week. I don't expect to see much of my student room mates, but I'm sure there will be the occasional entertaining episode. More to follow.


Tom B said...

This could be entertaining! :) Good luck, Zen Traveler!

Long-time RN said...

Welcome to the Midwest! That beautiful bike may not see the outdoors for some time, it's been a heck of a winter.

Tom said...

Bloomington is a hotbed of Buddhism! I hope you'll bike about and, with camera, visit some of the Buddhism sights/sites.

Ann said...

I've enjoyed your blog for several months now. This reminds me of the time I enjoyed in Bloomington in the early '80s. I'm wondering if you have a chance to visit the Zen (meeting/center/group/sangha) that has opened there since after I left?

Long-time RN said...

Still working and learning with a clear sense of purpose?