Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Live A Good Life

I had a conversation with a life-long city EMS medic a while back and we were speaking about traveling. He told me that during his fifteen years of EMS that his one great regret was that he had never really ventured very far away from his native city, certainly not overseas. We exchanged stories over coffee and he confided in me that he was actually envious of my life; that I spend it traveling from one distant land to another, having the chance to see so many places and their people.

I've been down this road before and cautioned my friend that everything has it's downside. He looked at me quizzically as I pointed out that he has the luxury of coming home every night to his family, his wife and kids, never missing a single birthday, a ball game, or a school play. In many ways it was I who was envious of his life, doing what he loved and sleeping in his own bed every night.

As the morning coffee ended I think that each of us realized that we were both doing exactly what we wanted to do, however no life is perfect. Everything has it's upsides and its downs, and not everyone's DNA is programed to explore the world and conversely not to remain static. Each has it's own goals and aspirations, neither bad nor good, just to live a good life.


Anonymous said...

I've found myself having the same conversation as you had, and feeling much the same. I'm looking forward to a taste of home life again.

Anonymous said...

I understand the thoughts behind this, but often find myself very wistful when I read you, nonetheless.

Eric said...


Wistful for what? The road or your family?