Tuesday, August 14, 2007


A quiet conversation

I haven’t posted in a while and feel badly about it. I’ve been home in Atlanta playing dinosaurs with my three year-old and teaching him to swim. Somehow I feel selfish putting up a post when my son is tugging at my sleeve imploring me to spend time with him, especially knowing that I’ll soon be traveling again.

I’m in the middle of Brad Warner’s new book, Sit Down and Shut Up. I’ve found Brad’s latest efforts a much better read than his first book, however both are excellent and well worth the effort.

I traveled this past weekend to Pennsylvania to spend some time with a couple of old high school buddies that I haven’t seen in years. The few days were passed playing golf, eating lobster (we grew up in Maine), shooting skeet, and taking some photos. Overall it was a great experience.

I’m traveling once again in the coming weeks, and looks as if I’ll be returning to the Middle East. I’ll endeavor to be more diligent with my posts.

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joseph hollak said...

When you are sitting on your front porch in your rocking chair drinking some sweet-tea watching the sun set on your life's accomplishments, you're not going to be thinking that you should've posted more to your blog.

What I hope, is your son will someday read all of this and have a better sense of his father.

And he'll know that his father loved to play dinosaurs before posting to some old thing called a blog.