Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fighting Through The Rough Patches

Iraqi boy heads his soccer ball down the street

I’ve learned that you need to struggle to make progress. I have several skills that I work hard at to become proficient, it’s just my competitive nature. Some days things come easy and effortless, other’s everything is a battle, and it seems as if I’m regressing instead of becoming more adept. You can apply this to almost everything that we strive to be better at, it’s part of the human endeavor.

I believe that it’s those times when we have to fight through the rough patches that we make the most progress. If, on the other hand, our practice is easy and effortless how are we really learning anything? Sure it feels good and marks the progress that we’ve made, but I question the value of effortless practice. I try to look at those days when it’s hard and takes effort as rare gifts, as those are the true opportunities for achievement and progress in whatever you strive to be better at. Having a bad day? Perfect!

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Anonymous said...

Thought of your words today when told by those higher up on the food chain to reinvent the wheel of my nurse case management practice. Will accept the challenge as opportunity. Perfect!
Cathy B