Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Live Well

A rose prospers in the Baghdad rain.

I’ve always strived to lead a remarkable life, one that when I look back on several years from now, bed-ridden in a nursing home, that I will be proud of. My greatest fear has always been reaching that point in my life and suddenly realizing that I did nothing; that I wasted my time given to me on this earth.

The challenge for me has always been leaping from the open ramp of the C-130, standing on the start line of an Ironman triathlon, or taking that first step on a long and epic journey. It’s hard to break out of the comfort and safety of ‘normalcy’ and throw yourself into the void. In the end, however, I've always looked back with pride knowing that I did the right thing and accomplished the ‘remarkable’, one step further away from the dreaded mundane and boring.

Of course everything is not without consequences. Epic journeys take me away from my family, and being a good father and husband. Spending forever in a pool, on a bike, or in some sort of course is one more moment that I can’t be with my sons, teaching them how to lead their own remarkable lives.

The ‘remarkable’ is not how many races we’ve run, mountains we’ve climbed, or continents we’ve trekked across. It’s how we choose to live each and every moment of our lives. To live and love with honor and compassion is every bit as remarkable as climbing the highest peak. Again, in the end, it’s just you in the rocking chair, and it’s only you who will be able to look back and judge your life’s accomplishments. Live well.


David M said...

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Anonymous said...

Lovely, clear focus-both the rose and the thoughts.
Cathy B