Saturday, June 14, 2008

Primordial Spacemen

I watched a CNN story this morning about the beginning of life being reported as originating from “space” and not “Earth”. Aren’t they one in the same? Isn’t Earth and “space” part of the whole? How can they be separate?

The reporter mentioned that life could have originated in primordial ooze rather than coming from “space”. OK, where did the primordial ooze come from? Everything comes from space, how can it be any other way? In addition, everything returns to space as well. “Space” is a modern day term for what some people refer to as the Great Void. You, me, the Big Mac that you just ate, your shinny new car, they all come from the same place, and in the end they return there just as quickly. It is all just “stuff”; stuff without an identity that we humans need to place on it. It takes a form, we define it based on our misguided understanding of the universe, and then the stuff changes once again. It’s not hard to understand we see it every day, in everything that we do. My favorite example is the water flowing from your kitchen faucet. One moment its clear, pure, and refreshing, and 10 inches later when it hits the drain its now sewage; vile, diseased, and toxic. It makes me laugh how the human mind works.

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