Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting My Life Back

There was a time, long, long ago when I would go on long bike rides, attend back-to-back Aikido classes, or enjoy a leisurely breakfast at Einstein Brothers. It was an idyllic time, full of fun activities and adventures. Then came “child”, and it all came to a screeching fast halt.

Today, for the first time, my wife and I went back into the Aikido dojo, this time with a four-year old in-tow. We rolled and tumbled, teaching the littlest aikidoka, and remembered the old days of endless hours spent on the canvas-covered mats. We both realized this morning that we are slowly getting our life back, this time, however, with the unmitigated joy of being joined by our eager and adventurous son. Long Sunday bike rides, underwater hockey, and more Aikido are just around the corner. Imagine the joy!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back from PEI which seemed to be like a fake Scotland. I'm in the real Scotland. The Inverness tattoo is running this week and I might go see it, listen to the pipe bands, etc. D

Eric said...

"Fake Scotland" Sheeesh! I think all of the really cool people fled the highlands in the 1820s and left the sheep behind ;) Enjoy the tattoo.