Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Inner Game

I’m reading a good little book entitled, The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green and Timothy Gallwey. The book is part of Tim Gallwey’s “Inner Game” series that is written to help people perform at their optimal level by reducing the noise that goes on in one’s head that often leads to nervous anxiety, stiff limbs and fingers, unequal breathing, etc…

As it turns out The Inner Game is one of the best books I’ve ever read on the Zen Buddhist practice of staying in the present moment, and reducing all of the extraneous noise and distraction that takes place both within and without. I’m not sure if Tim Gallwey is familiar with the practice of Zen but he seems to heavily touch upon it. He goes so far as to suggest some exercises designed to increase one’s awareness to the task at hand, staying in the present moment, and not assigning any preconceived notions or ideas; just play.

So far I’m thoroughly enjoying the work and would recommend it to anyone trying to improve on a skill or task whether it be music, sports, or even just getting more out of life.

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