Saturday, May 15, 2010

Faces Of The Past

 A Turkish woman permitted me to photograph her.  I loved the serenity on her face.

I had this discussion with a physician friend of mine the other day.  The great thing about being a paramedic is that we get to see our patients in their natural environments versus having them all packaged up and brought into the ER for those to treat. Almost every call that I get I end up entering someone's home, it's an extremely personal thing and one that I give great reverence to. More times than I can count I've desperately worked on a very sick man or woman while they lay in their own bed; looking over my shoulder I can't help but notice the pictures of the dresser.  They are all the same; photos of my patient when they were in the prime of their life, healthy and happy; often times I see images of the loved ones that are standing in the room with me frantic about their sick or dying mother, father, grandparent.  For me this is a privilege, something deeply personal not easily dismissed or forgotten.

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