Monday, May 24, 2010

Pajamas In Business Class

 A mannequin in an Istanbul storefront Children are dressed up in these princely costumes and paraded through the streets by their parents.

Alright, I'm a travel snob.  I admit it.  I believe that if you're going to get on an airplane, train, or even bus and travel for several hours that you should take a shower and maybe get out of your pajamas beforehand.  I was flying business class yesterday coming back from Milwaukee and was (un)fortunate enough to sit next to a 20-something girl who looked like she had just crawled out of bed after having the flu for a week; disheveled hair, under-shirt, cellulite over-flowing her pajama bottoms, and cheap rubber flip-flops. She sat in the window seat making all manner of bodily noises, feet propped up high on the bulkhead, and attempted to drink the plane out of vodka and cranberry.

I'm all for being comfortable while traveling but I'm going to at least be presentable. My yardstick is, what if I meet my parents in the airport?  That's a good enough standard…high for most if you knew my mother but that's a different story (kidding Mom). Nevertheless, walking out in public shouldn't be a grunge competition.  Take the time to look presentable, if for nothing more than a courtesy to your fellow travelers who have to endure your charms for several hours.

Off to New Orleans this afternoon.


bluebird of paradise said...

I couldn't agree more.My experience is that you are treated with more respect when you dress appropriately.

Anonymous said...

Ah, our expectations & prejudices... I thought the picture was of a hideous 1st class pj, while you say some parents proudly dress their kids in this.
Polite and clean are all that count in my book. Color, style & fashion are all window dressing.

lorraine said...

I showed up at court for my fix it ticket (years and years ago) in matched skirt and blouse, pantyhose, office shoes and hair, makeup appropriate for any business occasion. I was on welfare, 3 kids, weak spouse and managed to pull off 3 days in the probation office filing for my fine. I couldn't fix the headlight in brothers car so, take my punishment like an adult. Point - is - If I had showed up in cutoffs, flip flops and tattooed - what are my chances of dump detail or highway garbage pick up - mid summer - instead of air conditioned office - privy to who did what in my small town? Those files contained a butt load of info. Dress for success I always say. No camera above? you are a fool. love ya anyway - just don't do it again, o.k.?

yjee said...

Haha lorraine, well said 'Dress for success.'
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Thanks for the great post!