Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fitness While On The Road

Years of being a runner and triathlete have left my muscles extremely tight. I think that I’m probably the most un-flexible person on the planet right now. To remedy this I’ve decided to start practicing yoga as part of my daily routine. I am, however, a ‘yoga idiot’ right now, and am struggling to learn enough through classes, books, and DVDs so that I can at least begin a practice during this next trip to the Middle East. I think that it'll also be a good adjunct to my zazen as well.

I’ve always found it hard to workout while traveling, as I think most people have. Baghdad is just not one of those places where you can walk out the door and go for a ten-mile run, although dodging gunfire would make for some interesting interval training. Yoga will allow me to work on my flexibility and strength, and daily sessions on the treadmill will go far to maintain some cardiovascular fitness. Swimming and biking will have to wait until I get home again.

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