Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The women in Jordan make me laugh. It’s a huge game. They see me walking towards them and they try not to stare or even make eye contact. You can see it in their eyes as they fight the urge not to look at the 6’6” gringo with the shaved head and a camera. Inevitably they give in and steal a quick glance, at which time I just smile. They absolutely hate getting caught.

Outside McDonalds four teenagers walked past and one of them softly mumbled a “hello”. I motioned to my camera and then to them. Aghast, they shook their heads no and sort of giggled. After a second or two they had a little conference and decided that it was OK. The next thing you know they are posing all over the place, ice cream in-hand.

The people have a sort of reserved friendliness to them. On the surface they appear to be very serious and closed, but as soon as you smile or wave they melt and return the gesture with gusto.

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