Thursday, May 31, 2007

Safe and Sound in Baghdad...Sort Of

Jordanian traffic police

I arrived in Baghdad this afternoon after being delayed in Amman for several hours by dust storms over Iraq. When we landed I immediately noticed that the air was intensely hot and very hazing, almost like being enveloped in red-brown smoke. When you step down off the plane the hot wind hits you and you think that you’re standing too close to the jet engines. You quickly realize that’s just the normal, searing winds on the tarmac in summertime Iraq.

It didn’t take long. Five minutes out of the airport and we drove past an active firefight in one of the neighborhoods. While we weren’t anyone's target you’re always concerned about catching a stray round in an unlucky spot. My colleague and I continued our conversation as we gave the car a bit more gas and got away from the area.

Nonetheless, safe and sound in Baghdad.

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joseph hollak said...

Safe and sound huh?

I know you're security and you're smarter than the average bear. You could spot danger before I could and dismantle that person in 12 ways before they knew what was happening.


You are white. You are tall. You are foreign. And, you might just be a target.

Like it or not, you might be viewed as "American" for the million-and-one definitions that word may bring to mind.

Have you addressed in a post what it's really like as the living infidel?