Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Iraqis love to wash their feet. They walk around all day in sandals so I guess that it makes sense.

I’ve started to describe Iraq in terms of contradictions.

The Government is planting palm trees along the road to the airport as part of a beautification project; a road that is plagued daily by small arms fire, RPG attacks, and vehicle bombs.

Iraqi Muslims will slaughter each other by the hundreds, all in the name of a peace-loving God.

There was a graduation ceremony the other day for suicide bombers that had just completed their training.

I watched a young kitten last night devour an infant bird that had presumably fallen from its nest.

A family pulled their car into a security checkpoint. The mother and father got out of the car and walked away, detonating the bomb hidden within the trunk; their two children still strapped inside the back seat.

Mosques have become a favored target of religion-motivated bombers.

It’s 120 degrees out and women walk around in black robes, covering every inch of exposed skin.

Women will remove the robes once they safely reach their destination revealing designer jeans, high heels and gads of jewelry.

One religious ceremony has men, dressed in white, slicing open their own heads and flogging themselves with chains until covered with their own blood.

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