Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Tense Calm

One of a handful of bridges that spans the Tigris river and connects eastern and western Baghdad

This morning the city remains quiet, but under a curfew. The normal sounds of the morning rush hour are absent; no sirens, car horns, or gunfire. The airport is closed which means that there should be no traffic transiting the airport road, also known as Route Irish. What few people there are on the streets are walking to work. It’s all very surreal, while at the same time, still tense.

The militants continue to attack bridges in and around Baghdad. They’ve destroyed four bridges or overpasses in as many days. I’m unsure of the reasoning behind targeting bridges other than it may isolate Sadr City from the western side of the city, which is where the Green Zone and the airport are located. This would give the Sadr-ists valuable choke points from which the Madhi Army could control access into their neighborhoods.

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