Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What I've Noted

Little Iraqi girl stares at the camera before disappearing inside.

Things I’ve noticed about Iraq.

- Iraq does not smell of urine like the rest of the Third World.
- American soldiers love kids, mostly because they’re kids themselves.
- The country is a study of the color brown.
- There is no trust…anywhere.
- Men are embarrassed about sexuality, but women are curious
- Hijab one minute, designer jeans the next
- There is no art
- Kids laugh and smile, no matter where they are
- Sadam scarred this country for the next two generations
- Iraqis only respond to authoritarian figures
- There are disproportionately more cats than dogs on the streets
- If it moves, an Iraqi will drive it
- There seems to be one satellite dish per inhabitant of Baghdad
- The American air strikes were unbelievably accurate
- There is contradiction everywhere
- Many of the mullahs are illiterate
- Islam is being hijacked by self-centered, power seekers
- The violence will get worse long before it gets better
- Some of the best bread in the world, but the fruit is terrible
- Hope exists

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