Monday, August 11, 2008

Friendly Competition

A shot up the exterior of the hotel into the blue Texas sky.

Both my wife and I are pretty well-traveled people. The only problem is that we've very rarely traveled together. Our recent anniversary getaway took us to San Antonio, Texas for four days, and during the entire event we tried to "out travel" one another in a sort of friendly competition. Perks from her work within the airline industry got us free round-trip airline tickets, which I immediately upgraded to business class. She got online and found a great deal on a hotel, which I trumped using hotel membership points from recent business travel, getting several nights free. We got the car through a rental company that I also have a relationship with, which was upgraded from an Impala to a GPS-equipped Infiniti G 35. At one point we were walking around San Antonio's River Walk together and came to the conclusion that we had spent about $5.00 for coffee to get here, and that was about it.

Heading back to the Middle East soon... and I thought Texas was hot!

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Damon said...

Aha! That 4th sentence explains the last two paragraphs of your last post.
It sounds like both of your jobs come with great perks and great sacrifices. I'm glad to hear you managed to both be together for your anniversary - have fun!