Saturday, August 30, 2008


There's a Japanese aesthetic known as shibumi (the adjective is shibui) that has to do with understated elegance, things that are so perfect and refined that they hide behind commonplace appearances and do not need further voice. To quote the author Trevanian, "... (deep) understanding rather than knowledge. Eloquent silence". "...modesty without prudency... elegant simplicity, articulate brevity." After considering this for a moment I realized that, among other things, it describes the perfect bodyguard. A protector so skilled in the art that he (or she) hides behind the facade of the commonplace, garnering no attention, no second looks, no bravado. He passes by without notice yet all the while effortlessly maintaining his thought and attention toward one single purpose.


sammuel said...

I have been following your blogs for a while. You are spot on with our career field. Be safe and keep in contact.

Sam M.
Sony Detail

Dale Seago said...

Very ninja-like description of the ideal EP agent. As I've trained with the former in Japan for nearly a quarter-century now, you can consider that an "informed opinion". :-)

-- Dale Seago, ITG-2