Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You're Nuts!

Divergent path at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens

I need to work on attachments, or more specifically the attachments that I have to my own ideas, opinions, thoughts, etc... like many people, when I hear or read something that runs contrary to what I believe I get excited and want to blurt out, "you're nuts, it's not like that at all!" Thankfully, age and maturity have tempered my desire to speak out on every offending occasion, but I can still feel the wave of emotion building inside as I juxtapose what I'm hearing to my own beliefs that I've formed a great friendship with.

If I weren't so close and content with my own opinions I believe that I would be able to hear others better. All the while a person is talking to me I'm forming counter-arguments in my head and not really listening to what is being said. It's as if life is one great debate; a competition with winners and losers, and I need to be on the winning side.

I often wonder if countries and leaders are doing the same thing. We get so attached to our own little points of view that we fail to see or hear what is really going on around us. The next time you see you're least favorite personality on the television, presidential candidates are great for this, be mindful of what is taking place inside your head; are you truly listening with an open mind or have a running battle with words and ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Listening is a practiced skill. There is a book, "The Lost Art of Listening" by Michael Nichols, which may be of interest. If memory serves, it addresses quieting the mind while listening to others speak.
Cathy B