Thursday, August 7, 2008

Winging It With .XLS

When I first met my wife she was the poster child for Type B personalities. Early on I asked her what we were going to do on a particular weekend, and she replied, "We'll just wing it". I'll tell you right now that hurt my "have a plan for everything", then-military mind. I had never heard such blasphemous words in my life . Well, despite that fact, I ended up marrying her.

Now here we are several years later, I'm retired from the military and have pretty much gorged myself at the Type B Kool-Aid punch bowl. My wife now comes up with this plan to get away for our anniversary. We're going to put the 4-year old up on "sister-in-law ebay", and head to the airport with no particular plan whatsoever as to where we'll go. We're just going to "wing it" as it were. Perfect.

Last night I catch my wife making an Excel spreadsheet with all of the likely vacation destinations complete with flight numbers, departure times, return flights, and airline load factors. What happened to, "we'll just wing it"?

She claims that the spreadsheet will greatly assist us in our "whim of the moment" vacation. I don't know, but you don't normally here the words "whim" and "spreadsheet" in the same sentence.

More to follow. I'll let you know where we land.

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Have a wonderful time!
Cathy B