Friday, February 4, 2011

Once Again

My view or understanding of God is my own, it's deeply personal.  It may or may not conform with current religious dogma, but frankly I don't care.  I feel that God exists in each and every one of us in his own way, making himself known in his own time.  This is my relationship with God.  Maybe it's better to say "my God" instead of just the singular, one-size fits all God.  I don't know.

As I wrote in a previous post, God has been speaking to me for my entire life through various means, but only now as an adult have I cleared my mind and soul to the point where I can really sit and listen to him.  I can look back and see where he has reached out to me.  The parable of the Boy and the Starfish comes to mind.  Today when I relay the story to people I can barely hold back my unexplained emotions; it's that powerful for me.  Clearly God wanted it to touch me, to have meaning. I do not know why.

Right now God is speaking to me through those "Ahhh moments", glimpses of deeper understanding, recognition, and patience.  I am learning to sit quietly with my fears and shortcomings; examine them, become familiar with them.  I take solace in knowing that I am not alone in the journey.

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bluebird of paradise said...

very moving and deeply personal, my God is very much like yours....