Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Voice From The Past

I was contacted by an Iraqi friend of mine who has the opportunity to immigrate himself, his wife, and his young son to the United States as part of an official U.S. Government program to help out those Iraqis that have assisted us in the past.

My friend is an young, exceptionally bright, and industrious guy who has bank-rolled a ton of money over the years while working for American contractors.  He, quite frankly, has the means to do anything that he wants to in this country.  I've spoken with him in the past about this opportunity and his dream has always been to open a convenience store in a small, non-Muslim neighborhood someplace in the United States and enjoy a life of security and opportunity for his young family.

When looking at prospective landing places in the United States he confided in me that he and his wife were looking through a picture book and came across a photograph of someone holding an umbrella during a rain storm.  That became his other criteria; he wants to go someplace where it rains a lot.  I smiled.

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