Saturday, February 23, 2008

Closing The Barn Door

Standing post in the morning sun

An old, wooden horse-drawn cart blew up on the busy city streets of Baghdad the other day. Someone planted explosives under the decrepit cart, drove it through the city, got off and walked away, detonating the cart remotely. Several nearby vehicles and people were injured, the only fatality that I'm aware of was the horse. The Government of Iraq has now prohibited horse-drawn carts from the city streets, literally closing the barn door after... If this wasn't so tragic it would be comical.


Anonymous said...

Well,Sadr had decided to stick with the ceasefire. The Turks are marching up north while old horses pulling carts are banned from the streets of Baghdad. You're so right, no comedy to be found in the action. Take care.
Cathy B

Eric said...


I have to admit that I have a pretty dark and dry sense of humor. A product of my 'Downeast' (Maine) up-bring I'm afraid.