Friday, February 1, 2008

Going Grunge

I watched the morning news coverage of the run-up to the Super Bowl and the networks are parading out their “security experts” to comment on the terrorist threat associated with the event. Why do all of these guys look as if they just emerged from a bar fight? I think that the networks seek out sort of rough and ready guys that naturally look uncomfortable in a suit; that’s if they even bother to wear one.

Along the same vane, media networks have been gravitating for some time towards what I call, “grunge journalism”. In other words, putting people on camera that try to look as if they have been so busy dodging car bombs and ducking snipers that they haven’t had time for a shower or a shave in the last month. To be fair, I’ve also seen the same phenomenon in both the military and academia as well. “I’ve been so busy thinking lofty thoughts that I forgot to brush my teeth for the last week”. It’s odd how we link appearance to credibility.

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