Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hail To The Chief, Not Really

I watched some of the U.S. election coverage on the news this past weekend, and I really can’t get jazzed about any of it. To be honest, I simply don’t care. I’ve contended that at the end of the day, whoever is sitting in the Oval Office just doesn’t have that big of an impact on my immediate life. I wake up, go to work, play with my sons, and enjoy my life with my wife, and I’ll continue to do that no matter who is sitting in the chair.

I realize that there are a myriad of issues involved in this election period, but how many of them really effect my family? Not many, and those that do we handle and address as a family. I don’t need the President to solve my problems; I’d just as soon do that myself.

I realize that is sounds sacrilegious. It should matter to me who holds the most powerful office in the world, but I have just as much interest in the NFL playoffs. I’d like to see the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl, but if they don’t, I’ll get by. It’s just another competition where we have our favorites that we’d like to see come out on top, but if they don’t we’ll get on with our lives much like we did yesterday and the day before that.


ONEDIA said...

Well, Eric, Congratulations that you and your family are so insulated from the problems that plague others in this country and globally.

I am fortunate that I receive good medical care as a retired military officer along with a comfortable income. However, I look around and see so many needs that affect others in this country and globally that I differ with your opinion--I think this is the most important election since I have been able to vote(1972). I feel fortunate that at least on one side we are most fortunate to have incredibly well qualified candidates who will work to make the
changes that are needed.

Eric said...


I understand about human suffering and witness it almost on a daily basis. I suppose my point is that Presidents, kings and other so-called saviors come and go but the human condition, that of innate suffering, still remains. This is known as "dukka" in Buddhist parlance, and it is up to an individual's own effort to alleviate it. No other person, be it a President, a king or my wife can do this for me. I must make the effort myself if I am to see the end of suffering in my time.

On a less metaphysical note, regardless of who wins the U.S. election there will still be war in the world, people will still go hungry, homelessness will continue, I will pay taxes and continue to live my life as best that I can. Whales will continue to be hunted, the rain forest ("jungle" to those who have actually had to sleep in it) will recede even further, and Microsoft will march even further towards world domination. This is the world that we share and I really believe that it is outside the purview of the U. S. presidency to effectively and dramatically change any of it. YMMV.

ONEDIA said...

Eric, I understand your point and the Buddhist basis and respect your expression of your views....however that does not change the fact that I disagree with your position.

best regards,