Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shaving and Flip Turns

A young boy watched a Buddhist monk shaving his head, and inquired, "why do you shave your head?" The monk answered, "To make myself ugly". At first I thought this was one of those tricky kōans (in fact it is), but I quickly realized the obvious truth in the monk's statement.

Now in my mid-forties I struggle with this a lot, spending inordinate amounts if time in the gym keeping what inevitably will be a decaying body fit and lean. I ask myself how much of my effort is driven by ego? Endless miles running and biking, following the black line in the pool, weights, and now a healthy skin care regime. To what end?

It all balances on the "pinhead of intention". Is this effort to fuel an already over-active ego, or rather simply for health and quality of life? This is my kōan.


Hope said...

eric...i have said it before and I'll say it again...this is one of my all time favorite blogs...

Anonymous said...

Enlightening and thoughtful site.
Thank you for sharing thoughts and observations.
Cathy B