Tuesday, January 15, 2008


An Iraqi physician sticks his head to say hello.

Mindfulness: paying attention to everything you experience. How did breakfast taste this morning? What did the water sound like as it ran into the sink while your shaved? This is the great trick of life. So many events and experiences go completely unnoticed as our minds wonder to and fro on their own little self-indulgent journeys. Where are we right now? What's happening around us?

I've tried to load my life up with little reminders to pay attention:

- I carried four quarters in my normally changeless pocket to remind me of people that didn't have four quarters. It allowed me something to give to those that had none.

- I try to leave the last small bite of food on my plate to remind me of those that are not eating this day.

- I switched to eating European style with my fork in my left hand so that I would consider each piece of food and all of the effort that went into getting it to me.

I believe that it's important to be mindful, to pay attention. Otherwise much of this great gift of life simply passes us by unnoticed and unappreciated.


Hope said...

You never cease to grab me up and give me a shake when I visit here, Eric. Traveling mercies.

ONEDIA said...

Great reminders. I try to remind myself that the person who seemed rude, or cut me off , or did something else annoying is simple overwhelmed with the pressures of the day and is not being mindful of his/her actions. This helps me to set aside my own annoyance with their actions and move along.