Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jumping the Shark in Iraq

An elderly Arab man makes his way down a dusty neighborhood street.

The American elections are dominating the news this week, and we've basically been told to "stand down" unless it's a major breaking story. I'm certain that all of the other American outlets are in the same situation.

Overall media coverage of the war in Iraq has fallen off precipitously. One of the correspondents told me that a year ago all of the networks were giving an average of 30 minutes a week to Iraq stories. Now it's more like four or five. Another of the staff likened American viewership of Iraq-based news as, "America's reality show that no one wants to watch anymore". Terms that are being bandied about the newsroom are, "surge burnout" and "jumping the shark". This last one I had to Google to understand it. Oddly, it was a Scotsman that used it in context.

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