Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Horse Of A Different Color

Discarded clay plant pots tossed up against a wall

I've given thousands of inoculations in my lifetime, so when one of the guards strolled into the office last night looking for someone to give him a Vitamin B shot I thought it no big deal. Then one of the young producers wandered past the the door prompting me to ask, "Hey, you wanna give this guy his shot?" It's not something that the media guys get to do every day, so I thought it would be a good learning experience.

I asked him if he'd ever done it before and he told me that he does his horses all the time. OK, sounds good, but I quickly found out that the process for horses and people is different. I didn't know that when you give a shot to a horse you detach the needle from the syringe, stick the horse with just the needle, and then reattach the syringe to push the meds.

So there's my bewildered guard with a bare needle sticking out of his ass and my producer trying desperately to reattach the stubborn syringe as the med is leaking down this guy's leg. I was right, it was a learning experience after all.

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