Monday, October 1, 2007

Change of Seasons

Yesterday was the first cloudy day of the season. It was wonderful to look up and see the thin layer of brown tinged clouds, blocking out the morning sun; a welcome change from the searing temperatures and intensely bright sunlight. People tell me that in mid-December it's absolutely dreary here, bone chillingly cold and grey for days on end. It’s almost impossible to imagine right now.

The changing seasons illustrate one of the most basic principles of Zen Buddhism, at least within me. I never seem to be content with the days just the way they are. I’m always looking forward to the coming crispness of winter or the impending penetrating warmth of summer. Change will eventually come, it always does. In the meantime each day, like all things, should be savored on it’s own merits, not compared to some ideal that really doesn’t exist anyway.

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