Friday, October 19, 2007

Through A Child's Eyes

A water taxi floats along in the early morning sunshine of the Dubai Creek.

Back home. I spent the day with my 3 year-old son yesterday, much to my sheer enjoyment. We ran some errands and I traded him a haircut for a piece of bubblegum out of the machine. I just sat back and watched him navigate the world. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling as little guy jetted from one thing to the next, fascinated with everything he saw or could touch. At one point he came out with “I got me a haircut”. OK, I need to get THAT fixed, but it still made me laugh.

My son, like all children, takes so much pleasure in discovery. He sees things with a clean slate, no preconceptions, no prejudice, just unabashed interest and curiosity. Why do we ever loose that when we get older? Wouldn’t life be amazing if the mere act of watching a gumball roll out of the machine was the greatest thing in the whole world?

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Anonymous said...

The buddha mind is empty like a mirror. It simply reflects. It does not discern nor discriminate. It does not say, "I like this or I don't like this". It does'nt even accept or reject its fate. Fate is future tense. It simply is...

The forest monk Achen Cha used to always say when asked a question, "Only don't know". I saw the Buddha mind through the eyes of my boy too....