Saturday, October 13, 2007


Here’s one for the books. At the end of the Festival of Eid all of the children receive presents, much like the Christmas tradition. You'll never guess what every little boy gets. TOY GUNS!!! This is wrong on so many levels. The streets are full of little kids pointing plastic AKs at everything and everyone. When I first witnessed this I was utterly mortified. Maybe next year they can all get little play suicide bomber vests.


Anonymous said...

I can't bleive no one else is responding to this one--well maybe it is just early.
A girlfriend and I killed off two bottles of wine last night and so the huge guffaw that emanated from my belly, up into my throat, simultaneously spilling out of mouth and slamming around the inside of my skull-- cost me, but man it was worth it. That was hilarious. I guess it has to be funny given the situation. What is it they say? Sarcasm is the lowest form of humor? I used to teach jr high to 13 yr olds with tatoos and guns in the hoodiest of hoods thus I am proficient.

Kevin said...

It doesn't surprise me. I have served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and the first time, we teen agers playing with the toy guys, it took some restraint not to engage them--especially when they were pointing them at you!!