Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monks Amok

Two little girls, I believe they’re cousins, provide a good contrast as they examine a cellular phone

I’ve watched Burma's Buddhist monks on the news for some time now. While I believe that I have some understanding of the issues surrounding the current situation, I also have misgivings about Buddhist monks involving themselves in the political process.

I realize that there is a long history of monks becoming embroiled in various social movements, but I’m still disturbed seeing the faces of young monks, wrapped in robes, in direct confrontation with security forces and am wrestling with myself trying to grasp the arguments for and against such overt participation in social unrest. I’m sure there are all sorts of scholarly reasons that could be proffered by learned “Buddhist authorities”, but for my own little mind I suspect that the solution begins with an examination of why I am disturbed about this in the first place.

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No-Thing said...

That is the problem of organized religion. As J. Krishnamurti once said: "truth is a pathless land". It cannot and should not be organized.