Friday, March 14, 2008

Cleaning Out The Garage

This is sort of an uninteresting shot that I like for some reason. A sectarian flag dances in the breeze while satellite dishes adorn the background. I wonder if the two can coexist for long?

He’s a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that I have kicking around:

1. I have discovered Mark Sisson’s, Mark’s Daily Apple blog with great delight. Mark writes about the latest developments in diet, exercise and overall health and fitness. On his site he challenges people to discuss, and critically rethink everything we’ve assumed to be true about health and wellness. There's an immense amount of very well organized content on the site that is intended to help the reader toward a healthier and more fulfilling life.

2. The Iranians are having their parliamentary elections today and the clerics of the Guardian Council have banned all “reformists”, some 1,700 0f them, from running for office. That sounds free and fair.

3. Having spent the better part of my adult life thus far in the Latin American culture I have a pretty good understanding of how that culture influences individual’s actions and decisions. I’m currently trying to wrap my head around the Arab culture, which is a complete mystery, one that is steeped in ancient history, an unfamiliar religion, and developmental economics.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if more people attempted to understand and and be tolerant of other cultures, the world would be a more peaceful place. Historically, seems the same mistakes are repeated.
Such a variety of people and cultures on this little planet, so much unrest and hostility. Safe journeys,
Cathy B

Anonymous said...

E - As you know, I'm with you 100% on that. I was just talking to some people here in London about it today. In Latin America I know how the people think. I know what consequences my actions and inactions bring. I understand the way the people there perceive their world. Every day I struggle to figure out Iraq. I doubt I'll ever "get it". I guess I just have a latino soul. Counting the days buddy!