Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Meek Shall Inherit

As the fight continues the Iraqi Government has re-instated the general curfew indefinitely. The streets remain empty and with it a complete cessation of services and commerce. People are staying home behind closed and locked doors waiting for the outcome of what has surprisingly turned into an epic struggle for the future of this country.

Trash is piling up in the streets and septic systems threaten to overflow as the service trucks cannot reach their customers. The hellish Baghdad heat is close at hand, garbage is rotting in the dusty streets, and the flies have reached biblical proportions. Many of the unprepared are scrounging for food, buying what very little remains on the shelves of the local shops, mostly potato chips and candy bars.

Aside from the flies, the dogs and cats that roam the streets are also thriving, pawing through torn garbage bags in search of something edible. Once the bags are laid open the flies set in and continue to multiply in the heat and rotting moisture of the reeking garbage.

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Anonymous said...

Honest observations on a worsening condition. Watching the news and wondering what is next.
Cathy B