Monday, March 24, 2008


Early yesterday morning a series of mortars hit the heavily militarized International Zone or "Green Zone", the part of Baghdad that houses both the Coalition and the Iraqi national Government. Four rounds reportedly fell inside the U.S. Embassy compound, two hit the very busy helicopter landing zone, known as LZ Washington, and one struck the ever-popular Post Exchange (PX) car-park. I'm not aware of anyone being hurt, but I have to hand it to the insurgents, that's some pretty fair shooting.

Attacks like this used to be a daily occurrence, and were rarely lethal; more psychological than anything else. The same still holds true today as the number of rounds-to-fatality ratio is immense given the early warning systems and plethora of protected bunkers in the Zone. Nevertheless, the major news networks carried the story yesterday, internationalizing the psychological effect of the event. Overall, pretty good result for seven mortar rounds.

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The Lazy Triathlete said...

When I was there in 04 the same thing was true. If the GZ was hit with a single round it was international news, but when my FOB was hit was dozens there was never a report. What a shame.