Thursday, March 13, 2008

To Each His Own

One of the delivery boys pushes a wooden cart along the dusty street after bringing the daily shipment of fruit and vegetables to the villas

The American soldiers claim that when you come back from Iraq after the long 15-month deployment that you’re either in the best shape of your life or the worst. In other words, you’re going to pass the time taking advantage of some of the world’s best fitness opportunities, or your going to hang out in the mess hall and play Xbox all day and night.

The same holds true for these short six-week deployments that I’m doing. A lot of the staff buckle down and get into the bureau’s gym once, sometimes twice a day. Others are content with eating really well and doing other, non-strenuous activities. Suum cuique, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Oh Eric... some people exercise their bodies and not their minds. Some people exercise their minds and not their bodies. Very few do both.

Eric said...


... and many do neither.

Anonymous said...

I do both. More of one than the other. Pretty soon I'll be benching 30, maybe 40lbs.