Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dog & Pony Show

A father leads his son through the maze of blast-walls and concertina wire. These children have known nothing but war and violence their entire lives.

The military uncovered an insurgent “torture house” south a Baghdad last week, and invited selected media for a tour and to witness the building’s ultimate destruction. We ended up sending a crew out for the day to cover the event.

When the team returned later that day they described it as a “total dog and pony show”, which is military speak for all form and no substance. Apparently the “torture house” was a tiny, little mud-hut, and the military found it necessary to use two F-16s specially flown in from Turkey, dropping four 500 lbs bombs, as well as some helicopter gunships firing unknown amounts of ordnance. The total cost of the operation was reportedly in the millions of dollars. The correspondent shook her head at the absolute waste of money and exclaimed, “they could have pushed the whole damn thing over with a HMMWV”.

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Anonymous said...

You write that post like it's a surprise - but at least your readers are reading things the correspondent probably wasn't able to say on TV. Which is a shame.