Saturday, March 1, 2008


Two Iraqi boys jet passed on a bicycle. I had to laugh as I quickly grabbed this shot. I wonder what their Muslim parents would say if they only knew?

I'm currently doing six-week stints in the Middle East, e.g., six weeks on the road working and then six weeks off at home in Atlanta. Right now six weeks in Baghdad seems an eternity for me. I can't imagine what 15 months is like for the U.S. troops. I remember when I was active duty a six-week trip was akin to a long weekend someplace. It's funny how our perspective changes with time and circumstances.


Anonymous said...

"...if they only knew"
This image brought forth a hearty chuckle. Your photos are lovely.
Cathy B

Eric said...

I'm not overly fast with my camera, so grabbing impromptu shots like this is hard. Some photogs are lightning quick and can perfectly capture what they see in the blink of the eye, or a lens as the case my be.